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Jan 17, 2013 7:00pm PST
technologically advanced plane to date and that technology is not completely working. in boston, a week and a half ago the plane had battery problems on the ground and was grounded. then in japan on thursday within of those dream liners were in the air and the battery began smoking and emitting a corrosive substance and the plane landed and everybody had to be evacuated on the inflatable slide. this is a serious problem for boeing because it's the battery technology that's the innovation on those planes. those batteries replaced the hydraulics that operate many of the functions and make the plane lighter and lighter planes are cheaper to fly because they use less fuel. the number of countries around the world grounded airplanes, all 50 planes that have been deployed are no longer operating as they try to figure out the battery problems. however, compensation will be seeked. while those planes are not flying. >> lance armstrong will hear with talk show host oprah winfrey. it's believed the tour de france winner will admit to taking drugs. raoul, the interview of the world is waiting for. what are w
Jan 15, 2013 5:30am PST
- effective because of the government's use of and duration and technology. that's what we are trying to protect. >> the final decision now rests with the supreme court. whichever way it decides on a matter if will alter how filipinos move forward in cyberspace. al jazeera reported from manila. >> in egypt, the train has derailed in a cairo suburb, killing 19 army recruits. more than 100 people injured in the crash. the accident took place less than two weeks after new transport minister was appointed to overhaul the rail system. the roads and railways have a poor safety record. activists are reporting air raids across syria. this is said to be hama province, which was bombed by government forces early tuesday according to activists. this video is said to show a shelling of rebel held neighborhood in homs. the rebels have been trying to push out the government from areas they control. in aleppo, the fighting is stifling industrial growth. >> this biscuit factory was once part of a dynamic industry. the working machines have largely given way to war machines. few factories are in opera
Jan 16, 2013 5:30am PST
. >> the 787 was designed to transform their travel by replacing traditional technologies with a new advanced components. the fuselage is made up of 50% materials, whichight makes it fuel-efficient. there is an all electric system that starts the engines, de- ices the wings, and provides the cabin with air pressure and temperature. some of the eight airlines using the dreamliner complained about the problems. it is not deterred qantas airlines in australia from canceling its order of 15 new dreamliners. the first of those should be delivered in the second half of this year. the airline hopes that by then, any problems will be sorted out. if not, it will not only be qantas airlines thinking twice. >> shortly after the latest incident, the plane maker issued a statement saying, "boeing is aware of the divergence of the 787 operated to western japan. we will work with our customers and the appropriate regulatory agencies." in syria, activists say the death toll from tuesday's attack at the university in aleppo has risen to 87,. dozens of people are also injured in the two explosions at the secon
Jan 16, 2013 7:00pm PST
that pick up information and use wireless technology to send it to the tablet. here is an example of how it works -- they will pick up on whether or not the hand brake has been fully released. a car can still move even with its hand brakes lightly up. that could lead them to dispute the final test score. using a tablet eliminates that. the device can sense whether a door has been properly shut or the right gear is being used. it is being called a more objective way of greeting somebody's driving ability. >> the newly instituted electronic trading system means we can retest more accurately. that makes them more fair. the candidates now they can trust the result. >> since the system was introduced in december, the traffic authority says they have not received any complaints and student drivers. last year it had 70. a driving examiner is still required because he has to gauge other things that a tablet cannot -- whether a driver changes lanes correctly. >> in the past, examiners had to grade 87 categories and fill in the score sheet. now 25 categories are scored automatically and some autom
Jan 17, 2013 5:30am PST
. boeing dreamliner grounded because of safety concerns. and we are test driving the new technology meant to cut down on mistakes at the wheel. algerian soldiers have surrounded a gas facility near the border with libya. two people and killed. gunmen are holding about 40 people inside. we have spoken with some of the hostages. it's not clear if there were speaking underdress. duress. the but the photographer decided not to show their faces. >> this is the gas field where the workers are being held hostage. it's run by british, norwegian, and algerian companies. the nationals are being held from algeria, ireland, japan, france, and the united states, and britain. >> many of the people i've worked in the area many years. i asked for your understanding for not being able to give you more detailed information. >> it's not clear how many algerian workers are being held. least 30 people have managed to escape. a catering company said that it has 150 employees alone still confined at the plant. the gas field is in remote parts of the country's eastern desert, serviced by its own air fields, acco
Jan 18, 2013 7:00pm PST
of passenger privacy. they will be removed and replaced with less invasive technology. and authorities have wrapped up an investigation into the boeing and technical problems. a battery forced a japanese- owned dreamliner to make an emergency landing. all of them around the world have been grounded. >> in boston, it was the auxiliary power battery. this time, it is the main battery. this is extremely unusual. the effect of this incident on the airline industry is big, and we fully understand the importance of publishing a neutral report as quickly as possible. >> and a referendum will be held next month. the ireland -- the islands between britain and argentina, britain says it will only release which sovereignty -- will only release sovereignty -- and a situation caused by a cleaner. a woman had been accused of trying to steal. she was seriously injured when a train jumped the tracks and plowed into something. a heat wave is continuing in australia, with two bridges reaching record levels and parts of the country. there are fires in the southeast, and some have been burning for nearly one m
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6